Why your business needs its own email

When you first started your small business, did you haphazardly begin sending emails from your personal email address? Or, if you’re still in the planning stages of starting a new business, do you think you'll be fine sending your business emails from a Yahoo! or Gmail account? If so, think again. The email domain from which you send your emails has a major effect on your business’s credibility and reputation.

Give The Right First Impression

A branded email shows the world your company is established and professional. A generic email may project inexperience – or even worse, raise doubts on whether you’re a real company at all. But when you use a branded email, your audience feels you’re here to stay and serious about your business.

Build Credibility And Trust

Unfortunately, scam artists do exist, so many consumers won’t be comfortable emailing personal information to [email protected] But when you have a branded email address, you’re providing a sense of security and reassurance to your customers that your business is legitimate.

Offers the possibility for expansion

If you have business partners or employees, or if you add more employees into your team, having your own business email domain allows you to develop a consistent naming convention for your staff and departments. This looks professional and helps customers easily find the right people to email. The email aliases that you set up will help you easily read and reply to all emails from one place.

Promote Brand with Email Marketing

So if you, like many other small businesses, think that branding was only meant for large enterprises with big advertising budgets, think again. You’re never too small to start building your brand, and you can get started today with branding your email.

Its inexpensive and improves results

The amount of money or saving by using a free email domain is negligible. Various providers offer business email domains for just a few dollars per user per month. This includes managing and storing your emails, in addition to the domain name itself. For the peace of mind, professionalism and branding you get in return, this is well worth the expense.